In the competitive world of automotive lighting, the Prolight SCENE RECTANGULAR 2″ fingerprint finder stands out as an option that combines power, durability and intelligent design. This Prolight luminaire is presented as a compact, but powerful solution that redefines lighting expectations. With a design of just 2 inches and a power of 20W powered by 10W Osram LEDs, SCENE RECTANGULAR 2″ is positioned as a compact package that does not skimp on power. This solution demonstrates that lighting efficiency is not incompatible with size, offering a wide 120° light beam.
The robust 6063 aluminum construction not only ensures durability but also acts as an efficient heat sink. Flush mounting adds a discreet and secure touch, allowing for hassle-free installation in a variety of vehicles and applications. The versatile performance of SCENE RECTANGULAR 2″ is highlighted by its 120° beam angle, ideal for illuminating large areas. The white light it emits finds optimal applications in the truck industry and in marine environments, providing clear and extensive illumination.
The electrical versatility of this light is manifested in its voltage range of
9-36V DC. With a small DT connector, installation is simplified, facilitating
adaptation to different electrical systems. Water resistance is a strong point of SCENE RECTANGULAR 2″, with IP68 and IP69K ratings. This feature makes it ideal for facing adverse weather conditions and marine environments, reinforcing its position as a robust solution. Prolight, with its focus on OEM services and the possibility of customization, demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction. As for durability, the Prolight SCENE RECTANGULAR 2″ fingerprint finder promises a lifespan of over
50,000 hours backed by a 1-year warranty. This support not only provides security to the user, but also establishes the reliability of the product over time. In conclusion, the Prolight SCENE RECTANGULAR 2″ Fingerprint Finder stands as a smart choice in automotive lighting, fusing power, durability and versatility. Its compact design and advanced features place it at the forefront of lighting solutions, standing out in a market that demands efficiency and performance.

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