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The Prolight SINGLE ROW 10″ LED bar is an outstanding addition to the automotive lighting market, offering a series of features that distinguish it. With its compact 10-inch size and powerful 50W per piece output, this LED bar is perfect for a variety of applications, from ATVs to heavy machinery. 5W Osram LED technology guarantees powerful and efficient lighting. Its 6063 aluminum body not only provides exceptional durability but also efficient heat dissipation. The absence of screws in the double-row design highlights the attention to detail and build quality. PROLIGHT’s exclusive AR optical technology stands out, offering luminosity between 30% and 200% higher than other brands. This feature ensures exceptional visibility in various driving conditions. With a voltage range of 9-36V DC, this LED bar fits a wide range of vehicles, from cars and trucks to heavy machinery. The inclusion of high-quality side supports and bottom support ensures long-term stability and durability. With an IP68 and IP69K waterproof rating, this LED bar is a leader in its category. Its water resistance is ideal for meeting the challenges of extreme weather and environments, ensuring reliable performance in any conditions.
50,000+ hour lifespan supports confidence in long-term durability. Additionally, the 1-year warranty offers additional peace of mind, highlighting Prolight’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality. In short, the Prolight SINGLE ROW 10″ LED Bar combines performance, durability, and innovative features to meet the demands of vehicle enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its superior design and advanced technology make it an outstanding choice in the competitive automotive lighting market.

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The Prolight ROUND LIGHT 7″ fingerprint finder stands out as an exceptional option in the world of vehicle lighting. With advanced features and a rugged design, this driving light offers impressive performance and versatility for a variety of applications. Power and Efficiency: With an impressive power of 105W per piece and 5W Osram LEDs, this 7-inch driving light offers powerful and efficient lighting. It generates an impressive total of 5800 lumens per piece, ensuring optimal visibility
in various driving conditions. Durable Construction: 6063 aluminum housing ensures durability and efficient heat dissipation. The build quality is further highlighted by the stainless steel bottom brackets, which are not only stable but also corrosion resistant. Superior Optical Performance: PROLIGHT’s unique AR optical technology shines again, providing 30% to 200% more brightness than other brands. This feature ensures exceptional visibility on challenging roads and terrain. Versatility and Compatibility: With a voltage range of 9-36V DC, this driving light easily fits a wide range of vehicles, from cars, trucks, to heavy machinery. The inclusion of high-quality bottom brackets makes installation easier. Extreme Resistance: With an IP68 and IP69K waterproof rating, this fingerprint detector is the leader in water
resistance in its category. This characteristic makes it suitable for facing adverse weather conditions and difficult environments. Long-Term Durability and Warranty.
The 50,000+ hour lifespan backed by a 1-year warranty underlines Prolight’s
confidence in the long-term durability of its products. This provides users with the security of a solid and reliable investment. In short, the Prolight ROUND LIGHT 7″ fingerprint detector offers exceptional performance, durability and advanced design.
Its ability to adapt to different vehicles and environments makes it a versatile and reliable option for those looking for high-quality lighting for their vehicles.

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Friends, get ready for a dazzling journey into the world of lights!
LED because today I am going to talk to you about the Prolight SINGLE ROW 30″ LED Bar! for addicts to the lights! It is a real bomb of light! First of all, look at the size of this thing, 30 inches of pure luminosity! And when I say brightness, I mean 108W of pure power in every piece of this wonder.
That’s like having a mini sun in your car! The construction is crazy. Housing
6063 aluminum, without visible screws and side supports that They not only support the bar, but also give it that futuristic touch that everyone
we love. We are talking about the lighting of the future! And don’t get me started with AR optical technology. It’s like magic! 30% to 200% brighter than anything else they have seen. When you turn this on, you feel like you’re in a light show in Las Vegas. and more with the DRL RGB LIGHT that is a spectacle! Installation is simple, even for those who are more of the “I don’t have a clue” type.
idea of ​​mechanics.” And best of all, with that voltage range of 9-36V DC, this
bar fits any vehicle, from your modest hatchback to the beast all terrain. And let’s talk about water resistance… IP68 and IP69K! Does it sound
like a secret code from a spy movie, right? Well, it’s almost as cool. Means
that you can drive in the rain without worries. In short, the Bar LED Prolight SINGLE ROW 30″ is not just a light, it is a luminous experience. Naps
ready to take your vehicle lighting to the next level, here’s what you need in your life! Let’s light the way to a bright future together!

LightAddict #ProlightSINGLE ROW 30″ #FuturisticIlumination

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In the competitive world of automotive lighting, the Prolight SCENE RECTANGULAR 2″ fingerprint finder stands out as an option that combines power, durability and intelligent design. This Prolight luminaire is presented as a compact, but powerful solution that redefines lighting expectations. With a design of just 2 inches and a power of 20W powered by 10W Osram LEDs, SCENE RECTANGULAR 2″ is positioned as a compact package that does not skimp on power. This solution demonstrates that lighting efficiency is not incompatible with size, offering a wide 120° light beam.
The robust 6063 aluminum construction not only ensures durability but also acts as an efficient heat sink. Flush mounting adds a discreet and secure touch, allowing for hassle-free installation in a variety of vehicles and applications. The versatile performance of SCENE RECTANGULAR 2″ is highlighted by its 120° beam angle, ideal for illuminating large areas. The white light it emits finds optimal applications in the truck industry and in marine environments, providing clear and extensive illumination.
The electrical versatility of this light is manifested in its voltage range of
9-36V DC. With a small DT connector, installation is simplified, facilitating
adaptation to different electrical systems. Water resistance is a strong point of SCENE RECTANGULAR 2″, with IP68 and IP69K ratings. This feature makes it ideal for facing adverse weather conditions and marine environments, reinforcing its position as a robust solution. Prolight, with its focus on OEM services and the possibility of customization, demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction. As for durability, the Prolight SCENE RECTANGULAR 2″ fingerprint finder promises a lifespan of over
50,000 hours backed by a 1-year warranty. This support not only provides security to the user, but also establishes the reliability of the product over time. In conclusion, the Prolight SCENE RECTANGULAR 2″ Fingerprint Finder stands as a smart choice in automotive lighting, fusing power, durability and versatility. Its compact design and advanced features place it at the forefront of lighting solutions, standing out in a market that demands efficiency and performance.

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In the vast universe of enlightenment, a small wonder emerges that redefines our relationship with light: the 35W “Smart Brightness” D1S LED Spotlight. This luminous storyteller invites us to explore its fascinating characteristics: With 35 watts of magic, this little titan unleashes an impressive glow, shedding 5200 lumens of light that transform darkness into a spectacle of shadows and reflections. Color temperature, a poem in itself, unfolds in a white tone of 6000K, a symphony that paints spaces with a clear and vibrant, like a modern painter’s canvas. Its duration, although ephemeral in Compared to the stars in the sky, it offers more than 5000 hours of flashing, enough time to tell many stories before plunging into darkness.
But here lies the cunning of our luminous hero, intelligent decoding.
As a skilled storyteller, he adapts to any script, integrating seamlessly into the most complex systems with the ease of a verse in a melody. With 90 volts of versatility, this LED is an ambivalent character, sliding between scenarios residential and industrial landscapes with grace, like an actor changing roles costumes for each scene. Small in size but immense in impact, the “Smart Brightness” offers a narrative of light in a compact package. His life useful, though fleeting, illuminates the chapters of our lives with a light that not only guides, but also captivates. In summary, the D1S “Smart Brightness” LED Spotlight 35W is more than a simple light emitter, it is a poem, a masterpiece that transforms darkness on a canvas full of nuances and possibilities.